How to Recognize "Love Bombing"

Dating in the modern age is an intricate dance, filled with exhilarating highs, disappointing lows, and a fair share of perplexing behaviors. One such behavior that's gaining increased attention is 'love bombing.' 

So, what exactly is love bombing? It's a manipulative tactic where a person, at the start of a relationship, floods their new partner with excessive affection, attention, and adoration. This is done to win the person over quickly and to gain control or influence over them.

While it's normal and enjoyable to experience a certain level of intensity and excitement at the start of a new relationship, love bombing goes beyond this. It feels like a bombardment, an overwhelming surge of affection and attention that quickly escalates and feels disproportionate to the length or depth of the relationship. 

Here are some signs to help you recognize if you might be the target of love bombing:

Overwhelming Affection: The person showers you with compliments, love messages, and displays of affection, often very early in the relationship. 

Fast-Paced Relationship: The person pushes for the relationship to progress quickly. They might talk about a future together, propose moving in together, or even suggest marriage after only a short period of dating.

Constant Communication: They insist on always being in contact. If you're not together, they're continually texting, calling, or reaching out on social media. They may become upset or anxious if you don't respond immediately.

Over-the-top Gestures: They frequently surprise you with extravagant gifts or grand gestures that seem too much, too soon. 

Putting You on a Pedestal: They view you as perfect and dismiss or ignore your faults. While this might seem flattering at first, it shows that they're infatuated with an idealized version of you, rather than who you truly are.

Isolating You: They want you all to themselves and may become jealous or possessive. They might discourage you from spending time with friends or family or make you feel guilty for doing so.

Drastic Shifts in Behavior: Once they feel they have secured your affection, their behavior might shift dramatically. The love bombing might stop, and they may become distant, critical, controlling, or abusive.

So, why is it crucial to recognize love bombing? While it might seem intensely romantic at first, love bombing isn't about love; it's about manipulation and control. If you believe you're being love bombed, it's essential to trust your instincts. If something feels too good to be true, it often is.

Healthy love takes time to develop and isn't about overwhelming someone or rushing into commitments. It's about getting to know each other, accepting each other as you are, respecting boundaries, and growing together at a pace that feels right for both of you. If you suspect you're experiencing love bombing, consider reaching out to a therapist or a trusted person in your life to discuss your concerns and help you navigate the situation safely.